more than filmmakers


Beyond capturing the fleeting and irreplaceable moments of your wedding day, we spend every moment of this day with you.

We’re there behind a camera from the moment you’re getting ready, to the end of the day when you’re dancing the night away; surrounded by your loved ones.

We’re there when your friends and family shed tears when they see you walk down the aisle and when you’re laughing and celebrating with them on the dance floor.

Love is a journey of a lifetime. It is a journey that began before your wedding day and it will continue long after the day is over.

But for a day, we get to be a part of this journey and we look forward to capturing and sharing this memory of a lifetime with you.

-The Four By Four Films team


Meet irwin

Our story started with this guy; Irwin. He started this company on 04/04/16; hence the name ‘Four by Four’ films.

Irwin’s enthusiasm for film-making shines when he is running around with a camera on your wedding day; capturing all those beautiful cinematic shots you see in our films.

He’s passionate about creating films that showcase your unique quirks as a couple and aims to create a fun and relaxed environment so you can be yourselves in front of the camera.

When he’s not behind the camera, he’s constantly making How I Met You Mother references, eating way too much KFC and adding to his rad Star Wars pop-vinyl collection.